Onsite Infectious-Waste Treatment System


Sustainable solution to process your infectious waste on-site

The inactivation and disposal of infectious waste is not easy: it implies risks for the environment and people. Also, the costs for collection, transportation and incineration are very high (the producer is responsible for the disposal of their waste until its complete destruction). This process must comply with various procedures and regulations.

Infectious Biomedical Waste

  • Plastic or glass consumables: Petri dishes, test tubes, collection tubes, pipettes, etc.
  • Single-use material: surgical drapes, gauzes, compresses, bandages, etc.
  • Personal protection equipment: gloves, gowns, tapes, coveralls, goggles, masks, caps, shoe covers, etc.
  • Contaminated sharps: needles, syringes, scalpels, lancets, blades, slides, etc.
  • Single-use care kits, plastic or small metal instruments.
  • Single-use surgical instruments.
  • Hemodialysis waste: hemodialysis filters, circuits, etc.
  • Liquid biohazardous waste or waste containing fluids: blood bags, urine bags, culture media, etc.
  • Waste from R&D on medical devices—Destruction of prototypes—Protection of intellectual property.
  • Anatomical waste, animal carcasses and derived products (according to local regulations).
  • The most efficient shredding/autoclaving system for processing your biohazardous waste

    The STERIPLUSTM systems from Tesalys are the ideal solution to inactivate your biohazardous waste on-site and safely. Their integrated shredding system TESASHRED™ not only reduces the volume and mass of waste but also ensures being fully processed.

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