CareGuard Contrast Sterilisation Wrap


Our CareGUARDTM wrapping solutions provide the maximum performance in barrier properties, integrity and contamination resistance

Drapeable & Tougher
The superior strength of CareGUARD’s sterilisation wrap provides strong resistance to punctures, tears and abrasions. Our wraps have excellent drapability with low memory making it easier to fold and comfortable to use.

Outstanding barrier properties & No contamination
The CareGUARDTM sterilisation wrap offers highlevel protection against fluids and particles, with a microbial barrier that keeps the packaged items sterile. Our strong, low linting, 5-layer SSMMS Polypropylene construction provides a tortuous path for microbial penetration. Manufactured with German machinery, the structural integrity and high uniformity (gsm) of our sterilization wrap material is assured throughout.

Rapid identification
The CareGUARDTM Contrast sterilisation wrap utilises two wrap layers, a blue layer and white layer, which is securely bonded on opposing edges. The dual contrasting colours facilitates
for differentiation and rapid identification of holes, tears and any damage in the wrap. This provides greater confidence of the sterilisation process, and is a fast and easy way to ensure
that instrument sterility is uncompromised. Similar to Quick Check*


  • Complies to ISO 11607
  • Tested to EN 868-2 requirements
  • Meets AS/NZS 4187 standards

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