TOF Cuff is a NMT (Train of Four) monitor that incorporates a simple to use Auto-pilot system that enables the anaesthesiologist to initiate by simply pressing a button. From induction to reversion, TOF Cuff will adapt the TOF, ST or PCT stimulation patterns and pacing intervals completely autonomously without medical intervention. TOF Cuff uses a modified NIPB Cuff with integrated electrodes to measure peak muscle contraction during TOF, ST or PCT stimulation patterns. The peak muscle contractions are then compared with a base line stimulation response taken from the patient during the initial calibration mode on the Auto-Pilot function to provide the anaesthesiologist with the patients Tof % and Tof count. The Modified NIBP Cuff can also be used for NIBP measurement which also takes place autonomously when the Auto-Pilot function is engaged.


NMT Neuro-Muscular Transmission

Stimulation pattern

TOF (Train of Four)
ST (Single Twitch)
PTC (Post Tetanic Count)


  • Autonomous relaxation monitoring program during surgery
  • Manual Dedicated Key
  • Cyclic
    • TOF: 12 s, 30 s, 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 min.
    • ST: 1 s and 10 s


Current: 1 to 60 mA, adult (steps of 1 mA)
Pulse Width: 100, 200, 300 μs
Voltage: 500 V (max.)
Pulse Energy: < 50 mJ


Graphic – Trend of the last 78 stimulations
TOF – Intensity bar of 4 pulse responses
Numeric data in % and count
Numeric data in %
Numeric data in % and count
ST – Numeric data in %
PTC – Figure of Post Tetanic Count

Sensor type

Modified blood pressure cuff with
Integrated Stimulation Electrodes

NIBP Non Invasive Blood Pressure (Oscillometric method)

Time: typical 25 to 45 seconds (max 120s)
Modes: Manual (dedicated key), Automatic 1 to 120 min (1 min. steps)
Range: 10 to 250 mmHg (Overpressure limit: 315 mmHg)
Pulse rate: 40 to 250ppm (Resolution 1 ppm, accuracy ±3%)

Dimensions: 222 x 205 x 80 mm Weight: 1,5 Kg
Power supply: AC input 90-264V; 47-65Hz; < 20 VA Battery: Li-Ion Battery, 5 h, built-in charger Display: 152 x 91 mm, TFT-LED colour, 800 x 480 pixel Operating temperature: 0oC to 40oC Relative humidity: 5% t0 90% non condensing Patient Safety: Class I, BF type, fully isolated, Defibrillator protected >5kV
Safety Standard: IEC601
TC50EN – issue 1 (Specifications subject to change without notice)