Care Essentials Disposable Respirators


Order codes for Regular sizes and Small sizes (S)


Duckbill Respirator – Regular Size


Duckbill Respirator – Small Size

Limitations, Warnings and Caution

(Applicable to all respirator Models)
Do not modify, repair, wash, or misuse this respirator. Inspect the respirator before each use. Ensure all parts of the respirator are undamaged and in good working condition. If any part of the respirator is damaged, missing or if the respirator is soiled, immediately dispose of the respirator. Leave the contaminated area immediately and contact your supervisor if any distress occurs including but not limited to dizziness, irritation and difficulty breathing. Anyone using these respirators must be properly trained in their use and limitations. These respirators are not designed to be used by children. Individuals with any ailments that affect their respiratory system including but not limited to asthma, pneumonia, emphysema, should consult a qualified health professional and complete a medical evaluation before using this product. Do not use the respirator past the expiry date indicated on the packaging. Do not use the respirator as protection against toxic particles, gases or vapours, solvents from spray-painting operations, or in an explosive atmosphere. This respirator should not be worn when conditions prevent a good face to respirator seal leading to leak during fit check. Such conditions may include the growth of beards or moustache and sideburns and the use of spectacles or any other devices containing temples or straps which pass between the respirator sealing edge and the wearer‘s face. If any leaks are found during fit check, replace the respirator. Leave the working area immediately if breathing becomes difficult or dizziness or any other signs of distress occur. The respirator is a single use, disposable device. It must not be re-used.